Meet the Office

Tracy Bohan – Sole Director & Registered Manager

Tracy BohanTracy is the owner of and registered manager for Two Counties Care Ltd, establishing the company in 2007 and gaining her NVQ Level 4 in 2009.  Tracy has worked in the Home Care Industry for nearly fifteen years and is passionate about caring, especially for older people. She still insists on working on the front-line, conducting care & risk assessments, spot checks and still delivering care at home to Two Counties’ clients, the same as any other care worker.

Because Tracy has lived in the area all her life, she knows the faces and names of all of our clients – and in many cases, the clients themselves are more familiar with Tracy’s family tree than she is!  Her insistence on an open door policy means that she speaks with staff on a daily basis and this, along with regular spot checks, means Tracy keeps her finger firmly on the pulse.

Stephanie Tierney – Care Co-Ordinator

Stephanie TierneyThere are not many Two Counties clients who do not know Steph by face and name! Working closely with Tracy to conduct client assessments, write Care Plans and manage staff visit schedules, Steph is a key member of staff and will often be the first voice to be heard by anyone enquiring about our care services for the first time.

People genuinely warm to Steph because nothing is ever too much trouble for her and her manner will make you feel instantly at ease. Steph still enjoys working on the front-line and delivering home care to our clients. She has attained her Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Dementia Pathway) and is now studying for her Level 5 (Advanced Practitioner).

Richard Ellmer – Business Development Manager

Richard EllmerRichard joined Two Counties in 2010 and has over 20 years in business development roles across a variety of high tech industries, gaining his professional diploma in Management Studies from the OU Business School in 2000.

Richard is responsible for contracts, IT, financial management and workforce development. He is passionate about continually improving the quality of care at home, engaging with the local community and in joined up thinking.  He is a member of the core team for Skills for Care (South East), is vice president of the Farnham Chamber of Commerce and is currently studying for Level 5 Health & Social Care Diploma (Management)

Jan Lillywhite – Accounts Manager

Jan LillywhiteJan has worked alongside Tracy for over a decade and has been with Two Counties since it was first established in 2007. She is responsible for managing our Client and Supplier accounts, ensuring that our invoices go out both accurately and on time.

Jan is responsible for the overall smooth running of the office as well as for Payroll – which obviously makes her everyone’s favourite person, especially at the end of the month!

Chloe – Staff Training & Care Co-ordinator

Chloe-BohanChloe is the youngest member of our office team and supports Tracy and Steph with Care Planning, Medication audits and Home File audits, and ensuring that our client Care Plans are regularly reviewed and kept up to date. She is also responsible for the management of our training matrix and therefore ensuring that all staff training & supervisions are kept up to date.

Chloe has achieved her Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Dementia pathway) and is currently studying for her Level 3.  In the meantime, she continues to build her field experience through delivering exceptional care to our clients.